Walter J. Freeman, “Happiness doesn’t Come in Bottles”

Have you ever felt that you are not happy from you life even if you have *objectively* successful life (e.g. a lot of money, many publications, and etc.)? And have you asked yourself what was wrong with your life?

Accidentally, I found this article “Happiness doesn’t Come in Bottles” by Walter J. Freeman. It is about happiness and its connection to the dynamical and chemical phenomenon happening in our brain. I do not want to summarize the article. Instead, I suggest you to read this short article.

I do not know if all results and suggestions in this paper are precise (the paper is a bit old and it is not written as a report of scientific discovery), but I know reading the paper was/is stimulating for myself. Maybe we geek people in the community (be in ML, CS, EE, Math, etc.) need more advice of this kind (no offense for sure!).

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  1. Interesting article. Here’s another one on this topic —

    There’s a camp of psychologists thinking that happiness has a set point, mostly determined by genes, and another one that thinks you can increase happiness.

    One thing that is known to increase happiness is exercise, for instance , however that might fall under “genetic” component, since some people might be genetically predisposed against exercise

  2. Amir massoud Farahmand says:

    Thanks Yaroslav! I’ll read them all. It is needed. (;

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