USA is not the owner of the world

I read this story and many similar ones in these years: the story of killing many men and women by Americans. This is not a recent story. It has been started many years ago, in Iraq, in the war between Iran and Iraq, in the Vietnam war, in the WWW II, and etc.
U.S.A. government has a misbelief that they have the right to do whatever they wanted to do. They mistakenly believe that they are those who should solve all problems of the world, they are messengers of the God, and they must be promoters of Democracy and civilization. THIS IS JUST NOT TRUE!
They are not allowed to make a war against other countries, kill thousands of innocent people only to bring them Democracy. One cannot act democratically without believing in it and you cannot change beliefs by force. One cannot kill thousands of people because there was a guy who killed one of you. You cannot make peace by being violent! Calm down America, you are not the owner of the world!

P.S: It is notable that I do not mean American people are not good. They are as good or bad as any other people in the world. They have their own value which might be similar to many others. I do not want to offend American people. This post is about US government and those who believe that US government has the right to kill other people, including those people who kill others by their hands.

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