University Rankings in AI

I’ve started ranking schools with AI researches. My emphasize is on new-age AI, e.g. situated embodied intelligent robots, neural networks, machine learning (especially reinforcement learning) fuzzy systems, evolutionary computation, pattern recognition, vision, and … . It means that I do not score schools with symbolic AI approach much. In other words, I score universities which is along my preferences. I’ve divided schools into these 6 categories:

5: Everything is pleasant: good projects, good professors, good reputation of school.
4: Very good place; may be not too prestigious.
3: Somehow good, e.g. one or two well-known professors but not a famous school.
2: Hey! There are trying to do something!
1: There is a little AI there, i.e. just having the name.
0: Nothing!

I will report the results after finishing my applying and receiving admissions. Universities can increase their rank by giving me admission with financial aid!

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