Two other presentations at MVIP 2005

Today and Yesterday, 3rd Iranian conference on Machine Vision and Image Processing was held at our university: University of Tehran – Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. I have not submitted any paper to it; however, I had two presentations!!!
Like the last week, I presented Hossein Mobahi’s papers entitled “A Comparative Study on Geometric and Holistic Representations for Facial Expression Recognition” and “Vision Based Fruit Inspection Using Independent Component Analysis”. I presented both of them well, but some people asked me a few strange questions about the imaging and camera conditions though I had told them before that I did not do anything in this research. These three recent presentations were good practice for me as I understand that not only it is not necessary to do a real research to present a research, but also you can present it rather well by reading its report just before the presentation. (: Nevertheless, I do not intend to do any similar experience in a near future. (;

P.S: Yeap! I do not work on machine vision. But it was a quite natural to understand their concerns and even devise a method in their field if you know that “an image is data to be processed”, “there are some methods to process image data which is 2D extension (or specialization) of general signal processing methods”, “patterns can be recognized”, and more importantly “pattern recognition is a kind of decision making”. Everything else is similar.

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  1. Hi Solo!

    Just wanted to thank you for presenting the papers. I hope you were not bothered so much 🙂 Anyways, as you said it was a great experiment to evaluate your ability on fast learning, a few hours before the presentation!

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