Something … Nothing

Nothing very special … I am waiting for my admissions (and rejections!) to do a final decision. I cannot understand the reason someone might reject me. Nevertheless, those “You are very good, but there is no sufficient accommodations” is not a good explanation for rejecting me. So, I am angry at those guys at the current moment!!!
Well … I changed the title of Thesilog to “Hands off Iran … “. This change can be considered as political act – in the notion of Hannah Arendt (right spelling?). What does it mean? It means that I don’t want U.S.A troops to come to our country and help us getting rid of Mullahs (priest who rule Persia (Iran) ). I do not like Mullahs at all, but I don’t believe that a bloody war is the best way one can do. Beside that, I cannot believe that those troops are very kind people. Moreover, …
What else?! emmm … Apparently, Norooz (or Nowrouz) is coming fast. For those who do not know, Norooz (=New Day) is the first day of the Persians new year. It is the beginning of the spring (1st of Farvardin; usually 21 March) in which we celebrate and doing some fun and etc.

Well … nothing else!

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