~sleeping for 24 hours

It is interesting: I have not slept for 24 hours. I was working on my paper and doing some discussion about it with my advisor. Also I wrote a few e-mails to professors to see whether they need a student or not. I was trying to do so for a professor in the University of Toronto but I could not do so as I was too exhausted. As Marvin Minsky said, tired person cannot use their symbolic manipulators well and probably they do many grammatical mistakes. For me as a non-native English user, this is not only limited to “grammar” but also includes “vocabulary”. For instance, I may think for a two or three seconds to find a simple word (of course this is not for every word!). Summarizing (!), I am too tired and want to sleep as soon as possible.

emmm … a little note about applying … oh! it is a difficult task as most people around the world has no fund, no free position, or something like that!
Note to visitors: if you are a university professor, and want a student interested in machine learning, evolutionary computation, robotics, and …, please drop me a mail at SoloGen@removeSoloGen.net (remove “remove” word from the address). 😀 (We have an idiom which its translation is “Shooting an arrow into the darkness” (its original form is “Tiri dar tariki”) that means trying without generating the whole possible states tree and plan in it using A* search(!).)

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