Seeking a Good Testbed for Testing Expertness-based Fuzzy Q-Learning

Yesterday, I had another session at IPM (Institute of Theoretical Physics and Mathematics) after a long period of not having any. This session was rather odd as I didn’t understand what exactly was going on – or more precisely my expectation of what it should have been was different from what it was. It was a kind of brainstorming session which I can call it constrained brainstorming session which means that it wasn’t cost free to discuss about everything (the atmosphere becomes stressful) but its aim was so. Anyway, we are looking for a good practical example for Fuzzy Q-Learning in which expertness was well-defined. Different applications was suggested such as 1) money exchange, 2) face recognition, 3) modular robots, 4) MIMO control, 5) site traffic controller, and 6) medical diagnosis expert. Have you any idea about it?

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