No War on Iran

The tension between Iran’s President and the West worsen day by day (See here as an instance).
I wished Ahmadinejad have not said those words against Israel and Holocaust. It is not my current business whether he was true or not, but as a politician he should consider many things before his talks.
I wish the West does not impose sanctions on Iran, or consider a war against it. My concern is my family, friends, and my country’s people who would suffer much from a war. They do not like Ahmadinejad, they do not hate Jews, and many other things that western people do not know. They should not be punished for what they have not done.

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  1. کاملا با صحبت شما موافقم منتهی بعضی از این دوستان هیچوقت مشکلات رو حس نکردند و همین حالا هم تو یه مملکت دیگه زندگی می کنند و در مورد ایران نظر منفی منتشر می کنند من نه با الکل مخالفم نه با نایت کلوب ولی جنگ و خون ریزی برا یه همچین موضوعهایی خیلی …نمی دونم /از محبتت ممنونم.وهمیشه شاد باشی.

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