No More IEEE Restriction

IEEE removed most of its restrictions on people of embargoed countries. It includes peer review process, publishing, and even full electronic access. You can read more at there!

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  1. Lena says:


  2. How many papers do they publish year round? Most of Iranians that I have seen so far; they know nothing about research and being great. they merely follow mullahs!!!

  3. SoloGen says:

    Dear Soheil!
    I don’t know how many papers are being published each year from Iran, but it is not that much. This is not because of foolishness or being idiotness of all Iranians, but because research do not receive sufficient attention in Iran. There is no fund, there is no good access to information, and a lot more that you may be aware too.

  4. ramin says:

    To Soheil:
    Iranian had the most publishing rates among mid-east countries in IEEE journals and the lunatic sanctions was just designed to undermine this success. Besides, Iran’s newly established IEEE student branches were among the most successful branches in the region 8 (europe and mid-east) and the embargo devastated them completely!

    To IEEE
    That was a shame for IEEE to follow the Bush administration in seeking consolidation of power through provoking hatred and fear!

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