My Presentations at The Computer Society of Iran Computer Conference (CSICC) 2005

The Computer Society of Iran Computer Conference (CSICC) 2005 was held from Tuesday to Thursday. I had a paper on it which was presented as a poster. Its acceptance as a poster made me quite angry at that time as I became aware that the reason of this kind of acceptance was that one of reviewers did not like my writing style!!! Yes! It is unbelievable that s/he did not evaluate my paper’s scientific qualification, but assessed its style. I can’t explain the exact nature of the problem as the paper is written in Persian but it may be helpful that I note that my writing style was a new methodology of writing in Persian which is used by some well-known and professional authors and poets. Anyway, I had the chance to present my poster to two individuals only: my girlfriend and another person. (:
It is not the end of story … It was 11PM of Wednesday that one of my friends, H.M., mailed me that if I could present his paper. He had submitted a paper to the conference; however, he is not in the country right now. I had written him well before that if he wanted me to present his paper, he would send its PowerPoint file a week before. But he didn’t do so and I received his PPT file at 12PM, Thursday and the session was scheduled to start at 2PM that day!!! Although no wise man would accept to do so, I preferred to present his paper as a very interesting and exciting experience. I read his paper very fast, and then took a look at his PPT once. Then, I rehearsed the presentation for myself. It was 1:25PM that I left home. The situation became more exciting as the traffic was terrific. I arrived the session at 2:25PM and started my presentation 5 min afterward. Fortunately, I presented very well (considering all the conditions, of course!) and I could even answer the questions of Dr.Badi-i and Dr.Meybodi.

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