Lotfi Zadeh: A New Frontier in Computation – Computation with Information Described in Natural Language

I have one other notes of WCCI conference. It is about an invited talk by Lotfi Zadeh, the father of Fuzzy logic. I do not know whether this post would be useful to anyone or not, because I do not try to make my notes into a readable text, e.g. sometimes I just wrote a word or phrase as a reminder for myself. However, it may act the same and give you some hints to something useful!

Monday (17 July 2006) – 5:25PM
Now, I am going to attend Lotfi Zadeh’s invited talk. He is the father of Fuzzy logic. I haven’t seen him before, so I am a bit excited. This confrontation is specially important for me because I highly respect his idea (some kind of idol for me!).
Let’s see what he will talk about. The title of the talk is “A New Frontier in Computation – Computation with Information Described in Natural Language”.

-He mentioned that one big problem in current AI research is the lack of attention to the problem of perception. He thinks that without solving this problem, we cannot reach human-level intelligent machines.

Natural Language as a way of perception. It is not addressed that much in AI community.

(What is generalized constraint-based systems?! [My question to myself. He address it later.])

Well …
Fundamental Thesis:
-Information = generalized constraint
-Proposition is a a carrier of information

Meaning Postulate:
-Proposition = generalized constraint

Computation with Words!

“Fuzzy logic” is not fuzzy logic.
Fuzzy logic is a precise logic of imprecision.

Granulation is a key concept!
There is no concept granulation in probability theory.

What is the maximum value of a curve that is drawn by spray pen?!


(Is there anything like Fuzzy SVM or Fuzzy Margin Maximization?! Fuzzy Margins?! [My question to myself])

Precisiation and Imprecisiation
Humans have tolerance to imprecisiation

Fuzzy logic deals with summarization.

There are many definitions (e.g. stability, causality, relevance, mountain, risk, linearity, risk, cluster, stationary) that are not cointensive. There is not a 0/1 concept of stability. These are fuzzy concepts. [Well! I like this idea!]

“Generalized Constraint Language”

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