Learning LaTeX

Well! Right now, I am learning LaTeX a tutorial and reading some LaTeX files simultaneously. It is a fun experiment, however, I do not like the deadline of the paper which I should prepare using this new word processor.
If LaTeX loves don’t kill me, I must express my doubt in the reason of using such a difficult method for word processing. What’s the problem of using a good written WYSIWYG software? Flexibility?

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  1. Ramin says:

    I think the most important factor is the computer itself. The best way to deal with is to communicate with a lower level language.

    If you check out the web, the best webpages are produced by programmers who write html code by hand not by some WYSIWYG software like Frontpage. The most critical programs are written with C and not VB or … .

    The limitations reside in the communication with machine. We produce uncertain fuzzy statements and machine should realize them them into some strict quantitative values. Also, when we decide to set some crisp values on a WYSIWYG software we won’t preform well ’cause sometimes we speak in our language and some other time we speak in computer language. But, when we write LaTex we try to speak to computer in the exact words that it can understand. Like CSS in HTML.

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