This weblog is supposed to be a place for informal reporting of my academic activities, specially those related to my thesis. I will write some notes about papers that I will read, my raw ideas and thoughts and brainstorming sessions I may have.
emmm … it is a good place to point out that what kind of stuff I’m doing as my academic activities: I’m a control theory (engineering?! what an engineering course I had?) M.S. student who has been interested in machine intelligence for a long time (although I might not have known exactly what it is about), and most of my current activities is directed toward it. My thesis is titled Hierarchical Learning in Behavior-based Architecture which is a machine learning subject. Even thought I don’t restrict myself to write only about it, and I hopefully write about other stuff like classical control and also chaos control – which I’m working on as my seminar’s project. In addition to these, I may post some philosophical-oriented notes.
And at last, I must mention that the possible readers of this weblog are my thesis supervisor (Dr. Nili) and advisors (Dr. Lucas, Dr. Araabi) and a few of my friends as I do not wish everybody read this weblog or they obey strong version of intellectual Copyright law! lol!

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