How to do Research in AI

I have read some parts of this How to do Research at the MIT AI Lab -which is written by a whole lot of people at MIT- a few times during my research. It is very interesting and motivating (and obviously is general enough that most parts of it can be used by any other AI student). For instance, I have felt some facts that is mentioned in Emotional Factors of this document and they are really true! I must read the whole bunch of suggestions again.

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  1. This is for no one: I study at Harvard, so I exist!

    This is for Solo: That’s a cool link, though as I remember it’s been written about 17 years ago. Do they use Common Lisp yet? Guess not.

    And some semi-unrelated one: Wasn’t this post been published some previous days? Seems you’ve problems with your weblog.

  2. Because you are always talking about MIT just like that you are a part of their community it is good though but MIT, Yale, Harvard and eve Rice Unversity are not they way that they express themslves on the web pages and they are not “easy”. and to Lord Sharlune if wanna point at someone I am not afraid that I say no one so I tell you, Yes! I exist not because I go to Harvard because Harvard is made of people like me!!

  3. 2Sharlune: Yes! I posted it a few week ago, but as I had some problems with my website I published it again but didn’t change the date. In addition, as you told Lisp is being used much less than 20 years ago, and the most important reason of this change of use is paradigm shift of artificial intelligence which is not that symbolic anymore!
    2S.S. Mansouri: (:

  4. To S.S.M.: You’re right 🙂 (<–smile)
    But I thought that even Minsky himself doesn’t think of himself that way, and I thought he wouldn’t write such words on a wall:”I ….(some verb) in MIT.”
    Guess I was wrong. Sorry.

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