History of Evolutionary Strategy

It is not deniable that I am a fan of evolutionary-inspired methods. Although one may show that all those metaphores are just metaphores and not the best mathematically possible thing to do, they are still beautiful. And I think the most important point in doing science is enjoying its beauty. Anyway, it is just an opinion.
I wrote all these thing to invite you to read this post of Genetic Argonaut. The post is about the history of evolutionary strategy. You may enjoy reading it like I did.

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  1. Arvin says:

    Oh, thnx so match dear,
    I hope best wishes in New Year 4 u!

  2. Marcelo says:

    Hi, Amir!! πŸ™‚

    Thank you for link the post “Evolutionary Computation Classics – Volume I” from your blog. I am very happy and grateful!! πŸ™‚

    A reason that inspired me to write about the history of Evolution Strategies, was the fact that, when persons want to talk about Evolutionary Computation, they seem only to remember (or/and even know) Genetic Algorithms, but each one is free to choose what he/she wants to know and to study. Just remember: Keep your eyes (and mind) very wide open!!!

    Professor Schwefel and Dr. David Goldberg commented that post. Professor Schwefel even helped me to correct some (a lot of??) mistaked I had commited and suggested to speak about some subjects and not to speak about other subjects, such as the critics related to Building Block Hypothesis and Schema Theorem.

    By the way, it is very nice to know that you liked the post. Wait for the “Evolutionary Computation Classics – Volume II”, that will be about Evolutionary Programming, another not so much known EC branch. πŸ™‚

    Até Mais!! πŸ™‚


  3. Arshia says:

    Thanks for the nice post! I enjoyed reading it so much. The only point that is bothering me is the fact that it is entirely a “german” read of the entire history of evolutionary-inspired methods (as you put it). Unfortunately, when it comes to history, people take pride in expressing it from their point of views. How come there is not much mention of pioneers such as Holland in the reading??? How is this possible???

  4. Hi Arshia!
    I think Marcelo will cover other fields of evolutionary computation later. I think he will mention Holland when he goes to GA things.

  5. Marcelo says:

    Hallo, Arshia and Amir!!

    Very nice to know that you, Arshia, enjoyed the post I wrote about the History of Evolutionary Computation, being the first part or volume about Evolution Strategies. πŸ˜€

    It is not an “entirely german of the entire history of evolutionary-inspired methods”, I tried to link ES to other Evolutionary Algorithms, such as Genetic Algorithms. But I agree that I paid much more attention to Evolution Strategies, since the first part is about that subject.

    But I disagree when you said that Holland is the mains pioneer in Genetic Algorithms or Binary String-based Evolutionary Methods, since there are other persons, earlier than Holland, such as: Alex Fraser, H.J. Bremermann, N. Barricelli and some other persons. The problem is that, nowadays, the main enthusiasts and/or people inside Evolutionary Computation (mainly inside Genetic Algorithms) do not cite those pioneers and truly prefer to “take pride in expressing it [the Evolutionary Computation] from their point of views”. The post “Evolutionary Computation Classics – Volume I” was made to try to give people a deeper view about Evolutionary Computation and to show that Evolutionary Computation is much more than only Genetic Algorithms (NOTE: I have nothing against this method.)

    Genetic Algorithms will be covered in “Evolutionary Computation Classics – Volume III”.

    Here you are a guide:

    Evolutionary Computation Classics – Volume I -> About Evolution Strategies.

    Evolutionary Computation Classics – Volume II -> About Evolutionary Programming.

    Evolutionary Computation Classics – Volume III -> About Genetic Algorithms.

    Evolutionary Computation Classics – Volume IV ->
    About Genetic Programming.

    Até Mais!!!


  6. Arshia Cont says:

    Thanks Marcelo for the notes. I hope I did not disappoint you with my post. I strongly believe the article is great and essential for beginners like me. Keep up the good work and Thanks to Masoud for introducing the link to me and others. :°)

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