Hey you, accept me please!

Hey you!
Out there in your lab,
Getting lonely, getting old,
Can you feel me?

Hey you!
Standing in the aisle [of your department!],
With an itchy feet and fading smile
As you have not any good student for a while,
Can you feel me?

Hey you!
Don’t help them to bury the strong AI,
Don’t give in without a fight!

Hey you!
Out there on your own,
Sitting naked by the phone,
Would you touch me? [It is not necessary to do so physically; it is sufficient to admit me!]

Hey you!
With your sonar against the wall,
Waiting for someone to call out [and implement your SLAM algorithm!]
Would you touch me?

Hey you!
Would you help me to admit to a good Ph.D. program
Open your group, I’m coming home!

[This is a disappointing part; you must not read it!!!]
[But it was only fantasy
The sonars was too noisy as you can see.
No matter how he try, he could not break free
And the bugs ate into his brain.]

Hey you!
Out there on the road [it refers to your outdoor robot],
Always doing what you’re not told [yes! It needs me to become working],
Can you help me?

Hey you!
Out there beyond the wall,
Breaking bottles in the hall [actually, your mobile robot do so because its obstacle avoidance behavior does not work anymore],
Can you help me?

Hey you!
Don’t tell me there is no hope at all.
Together we research, divided we fall!

P.S: The original lyric is from Pink Floyd and I’ve changed it a little!

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