Iran defeated Bahrain last night and became qualified to attend Germany soccer worldcup 2006.
See a few after-effects of this victory:

(some more pictures from BBC) and a piece of English news!

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2 Responses to Germany! WE ARE COMING!

  1. SoloGen says:

    Hello Marcelo! (:

    It might be surprising for you, but I consider myself as a fan of Brazil (but I haven’t seen any recent game of Brazil’s soccer team!)! I began my interest in Brazil’s team from 1994 worldcup. It is also exciting that my little brother is a fan of Argentina. We have argued on a many subjects related to Brazil vs Argentina like who is better: Ronaldo or Batistuta or who would win the cup! 😀 Anyway, I hope that the final match would be between Iran and Brazil – though it is improbable. (;

    Anyway …
    About your question: It depends on what you mean by having a partner. In my early work on EC (like that multi-layer dielectric absorber), I didn’t do any brainstorming or something so with any friend; however, I had a course of “Fields and Waves” so I knew how to simulate that structure and calculate the necessary fitness. In another one (evolving HMM), I had a friend that we talked about the issue. In the most recent one, which is about evolving a behavior-based system, my advisor and I have discussions about the issue in general, but implementation and technical decisions is up to me.

  2. Nosophorus says:

    Hello, Amir!!

    Ow, it’s very interesting that you are a fan of Brazil, but I’m happy that Brazilian Soccer Team had woken up your interest. Tell your little brother to wait until next World Cup(2006) and he will see who will win the Big Challenge. I bet all my faith in Brazil!! 😀

    Hey, Amir, I would like to ask you if you had already read a Goldberg’s article about real-coded GA’s: “Real-coded genetic algorithms, virtual alphabets, and blocking”. I was reading this article, and, gosh, I really would like to know if there is somebody who had understood all those formulas. I think that Goldberg sinks himself with those mathematical formality.

    So, let me know, please, what you think about that article. Your opinion will be very useful for me.

    See You!!


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