Fuzzy SSA, Old Notes, and Predictive NN

Today, I was there at control laboratory doing some kind of research! I supposed to write my technical report about value decomposition, credit assignment, and … in SSA, but I didn’t write a single word (except this post that you are reading and a few more in a comment section of some weblogs). In spite of that, today was not useless as I had a chance to discuss with Mohammad about a fuzzy generalization of SSA and also re-read some previously devised theories, methods and hypotheses of my project. In addition, I used MatLab’s Neural Network Toolbox for the first time and implemented a predictive network. I made a predictive model of LTI system and that was successful. Thereafter, I tried to predict my Anti Memoirs’ daily hit and that was not ok! It wasn’t as easy as I supposed. I will work on it later.

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