Designing a Mobile Robot’s Mind: A New Job!

I have found a new and interesting job: designing a mobile robot’s mind! I have started working on designing necessary decision making system to control a small mobile robot. It ought to act as a vacuum cleaner or something similar. It is not apparent for me what I should do exactly; however, I designed a simple two layer subsumption architecture that wanders around while avoid obstacles. If I am true about my position in the group, I intented to design three other modules in addition to what I have implemented: map building, self-localization, and dirt-cleaning planner to cover the whole map efficiently. I have some ideas on all of them that I will discuss them gradually.

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  1. Hey,

    I found this blog through the PhDblog website. I was wandering about your location – are you writing this blog from Teheran? Is the use of Internet is common and free there? Or do you have accesses to net due to the fact of being a Msc student?

  2. Hi!
    Welcome there! (:
    Yes! I live in Tehran/Iran. Internet is not free for everybody, but everyone can buy it. If they have computer, they can buy “Internet Cards” or pay the monthly registeration fee and then connect to the Internet using dial-up connection. ADSL, Wireless connection, and these high-speed connections are going to be available but they are not common in public. BUT it is important to mention that Internet is CENSORED here!!!
    To compare its availability, it may be wise to compare the cost of connecting: You must pay 3000 tomans (~=$4) to connect for 10 hours. However, it is worthy to note that the pay rate is very low: the base rate is between $100-150 per month and a student (even a MS student) does not earn much (I guess I will be paid between at most $4-5 per hours for doing this job).

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