CFP, Job Opening, and Weblogs

I read this Machine Learning mailing list policy for submission that suddenly a thought came to my mind. Read the shortened policy first:

* Meeting announcements. ….
* Publications of books or journal issues. In general, we accept announcements about the publication of multiple papers (e.g., journal issues) or books relevant to machine learning. Announcements about single papers such as articles or dissertations are not usually included.
* Career opportunities. …
* Software releases. …

I wonder if one can announce the release of a new academic weblog to such lists?! I think academic weblogs can change the way we do research and connect with each other significantly. Reading IlliGAL weblog or John Langford’s Machine Learning or a few others is a more useful for me than nth national XYQSD conference that I cannot attend. So, why not introduce such weblogs in our mailing lists?! (Of course, I am against those people who send their homepage or weblog address everywhere irrelevantly.)

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