Busy Semester

Hi everybody after a long time!
It is almost a shame that I do not update here regularly. The worst thing is that I do not have a consistent plan about what I want to write here, what I want to tell in my Persian weblog, and what to keep just in my notebook. Well! Let’s not talk about administrative(!) stuff right here.

This semester is quite busy. I have taken the following courses:

Reinforcement Learning (Rich Sutton)
3D Vision (Martin Jagersand)
Operating System Concepts (Pawel Gburzynski)

Also, I audit Dale Schuurmans’ Machine Learning course. All these courses have their own readings, assignments, and so on! In addition, I want to do my own readings which certainly take much time. The other thing that has been taking my time recently is preparing a few papers for a conference and a journal. I do not want to mention all those seminars, meetings, and … that I should attend. Putting all these together result in being completely busy!

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