Blogging Paper Submission

-I am going to submit my paper to CDC-ECC 2005 conference. Hmmm … I want to blog it online to see what happens!
-I have just finished struggling with this idiot MS Word XP that changes the appearance of my papers every time I load the document. Let’s go to the site … I have not bookmarked the page, so I must use Google … yeap!! it is there! (12:02PM)
-Now, look for the page that I must submit my paper. Today’s morning, I got my PaperPlazza’s PIN code. So, I do not need to get it again. My Internet connection is a bit slow and I must wait a little so that my weblog become updated (12:04PM).
-I found it and I am going to PaperPlaza right now!
According to the site, the conference is this: 44th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control and European Control Conference ECC 2005 (CDC-ECC’05), December 12-15, 2005, Seville, Spain Well, I may not attend it by myself, but my co-author would probably do so. Click! (12:08PM – I am not that slow … blogging while reading instructions while … is not that easy! Try it!)
-My paper is regular paper, so go to that part …
-It says that I can test my PDF before going on! It is a good idea. Let’s test it! Hope it works (PLZ!!!) (12:13PM)
-oops … it says that it cannot detect my paper size (A4 or Letter). let’s see what is the problem … 🙁
-I used the CDC-ECC 02 template. The margin and … was the same as the standard A4 paper. emmm …
-I used PDFFactory to generate my files and it causes error. CutePDF does not have this problem, but the output is not that cute. (12:39PM)
-Well … I have uploaded it using CutePDF generated PDF. (1:09PM) So, it seems that is finished now!
This may be the first online blogging of a real paper submission! wow!

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  1. I have downloaded a version of Latex under Windows, and I am trying to learn it. So far so good. I am sure you will appriciate its aestehtic superiority to MS Word. If you want I can lend you the CD.

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