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End to End Learning for Self-Driving Cars and the Distribution Mismatch Problem

I recently came across this interesting paper by the NVIDIA autonomous driving team. Bojarski, Del Testa, Dworakowski, et al., “End to End Learning for Self-Driving Cars,” 2016. I wrote a summary and a few comments about it on my Twitter … Continue reading

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Advice for Graduate Students in Statistics

Advice for Graduate Students in Statistics by Michael Steel. I like this guy! (: [ viagra through canada | cheap generic overnight viagra | best price viagra | advice viagra | viagra purchase | buy viagra low cost | generic … Continue reading

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Nonparametric Bayesian Methods

I collect a few references/tutorials to nonparametric Bayesian methods for inference. Zoubin Ghahramani, Nonparametic Bayesian Methods (UAI05 slides) David Dunson, “Nonparametric Bayes Applications to Biostatistics“. Peter Müller and Fernando A. Quintana, “Nonparametic Bayesian Data Analysis,” Statistical Science, 2004. I will … Continue reading

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Reinforcement Learning blog

Satinder Singh started a new blog named Reinforcement Learning blog. Now, I can see that Michael Littman is one of the authors of the blog – though he hasn’t published any post yet. This is a good news for RL. … Continue reading

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Bracketing Entropy Bounds for Distribution Function

Sh. Song and J. Wellner, “How many distribution functions are there? Bracketing entropy bounds for high-dimensional distribution functions,” 2008. [ generic viagra pay pal | cheap viagra | order viagra now | buy cialis professional | buy real viagra online … Continue reading

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Embedding, Metric Entropy, etc.

Dorothee D. Haroske, “Embeddings Of Some Weighted Function Spaces On R_n: Entropy and Approximation Numbers (A Survey of some recent results),” 1997. Ridgway Scott, “Tutorial on Sobolev Spaces,“ [ recreational viagra use | viagra professionsl | cialis blood thinner | … Continue reading

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Shannon Sampling and Learning Theory

These two papers by Steve Smale and Ding-Xuan Zhou: Shannon Sampling and Function Reconstruction from Point Values Shannon Sampling II. Connections to Learning Theory [ viagra online mexico | buy levitra viagra | sildenafil oral jelly | viagra pill | … Continue reading

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Statistical Performance of Support Vector Machines

Tonight, I found this paper by Blanchard, Bousquet, and Massart: “Statistical Performance of Support Vector Machines” (2008) [ bad side effects of viagra | viagra cialis levitra | buy viagra on the internet | viagra soft tabs | generic cialis … Continue reading

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Compression-related ideas in Machine Learning

Shuheng Zhou, John Lafferty, and Larry Wasserman, “Compressed Regression,” 2008. Boris Ryabko, “Compression-based methods for nonparametric density estimation, online prediction, regression and classification for time series,” [ usa generic viagra | get viagra drug online | problems with viagra | … Continue reading

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A few papers on estimation and control of robotic systems

These are papers that I want to read (or can be considered for our reading group). Dj. Mitrovic, S. Klanke, and S. Vijayakumar, “Adaptive Optimal Control for Redundancy Actuated Arms,” SAB 2008. G. Chesi and Y. S. Hung, “Global Path-Planning … Continue reading

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