All These Jobs!

Today, suddenly I felt that I had a lot of work to do, and then became sad (or might be depressed)!!! I should do my numerical optimization assignment by Friday (and I did not started it then), prepare a poster for Friday’s 603 final poster session, have a discussion with Mohammad about feature selection in RL, write my technical report for the Robotics challenges course, do my course project for the numerical optimization course, some possible coding for the Robotics Challenges course, prepare slides for CDC-ECC, write rebuttal for my previous paper, proofread the Memetic/Evolutionary/Learning/… paper, go shopping, and read many papers and books that I want to read, and while enjoying my life as my previous professor told me when I was going to come there! Worst of all, this NIPS 2005 will start next week in the middle of all these jobs! However, I do not want to miss that conference. It is a good experience for me to visit my colleagues.

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  1. SoloGen says:

    Well! A few of them has been done: numerical optimization assignment, poster for 603 course, a meeting with Mohammad, and technical report for robotics challenges course.

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