After Submission days

To build a really intelligent machine, many different problems must be solved (borrowing the idea from The Society of Minds, huh?!). However, it is well-known that 1) we do not know which problems must be solved, and 2) we have not solved many known problems (such as credit assignment in multi-agent systems) yet. So, I cannot go any further and this post will be finished by the end of this dot point! (no! I was joking! There is not dot point nearby!)
At last, I have reported a part of my recent researches to a journal and a conference in the previous week. I feel much better now as the journal one took all my time and energy to be prepared. Actually, it is my first really important journal paper (if it would be published) that its preparation and revision time took five anxious months(!); no! I do not exaggerate. Now, it is finished and I have stopped writing reports for a while and started reading papers and thinking about new problems again. I think that I am from those people who would be wasted by writing long technical reports. In writing them, I move forward very slowly (no! I do not type slowly or even make new sentences that way. However, I think much about what I want to write and this make the process poky) and all my creativity power wastes. However, I know that I must start writing by a few days in order to prepare another paper! ooppss!

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