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I do not like to write about politics. I do not like to write about human rights and related things in this weblog. I am fascinated about science, about philosophy, and about knowledge in its most general sense. However, I decided to write about exactly those things that I don’t like. You should excuse me if I write a few posts about Iran, politics, and human rights these days as my country’s political situation worsen day by day and I feel I may help -not actually very much- my country and my people by writing about it. At least, those people who love to attack this country may become more familiar where they are going to go.
The sad point is that most countries have a bad feeling about Iran. They consider Iranians as terrorist. I guess many people around the world act strangely when they hear anything about Iran. They think that Iranians are people who want to make the world a real chaos; they are potentially invaders who may nuke other countries as soon as they find out how to make a nuclear bomb. Many other think that Iranian use camel to travel around their country; they live in tents, and many other things that are simply not true.
I want to write more about Iran, their friendly and warm people, and what they believe. I think media are biased against Iran. They write in such a way that one may think Iran is really an axis of evil. I want to show you that it is not that correct.
Please don’t hesitate to ask me about any concern you may have about Iran. I try to answer you as far as I can. Remember that I am not a politician and do not like politics at all. For instance, I cannot tell you exactly why Iran’s president, Mr. Ahmadinejad, acts ridiculously and unfriendly to other nations (probably, nobody else can answer!). Nevertheless, I can more or less tell you that what my family, my friends, my classmates, people in the street, and many others think about.
Wait for my other posts about Iran!

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