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SoloGen is Filtered

My site has been filtered by most Iranian ISPs. It is a bit strange that the government have decided to censor my weblogs (Anti Memoirs (in Farsi) and Thesilog).

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Insight into the processes of positive and negative learners

Insight into the processes of ‘positive’ and ‘negative’ learners … their detailed studies also found a difference in ERNs in “positive” and “negative” learners. The former are people who perform better at choosing the correct response than avoiding the wrong … Continue reading

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Theory of Jokes

Once ago, I became interested in the cognitive mechanism behind jokes. I find these articles about them. Do you have any suggestion on this topic? Marvin Minsky, JOKES and the Logic of the Cognitive Unconscious, 1980. Abstract: Freud’s theory of … Continue reading

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Fight Spam

Spammers! Welcome to the Hell!

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Dynamical Behavior of Wikis

(naive idea!) Do Wikis have a fixed-point?! I guess depending on the content and the diversity of commonsense in that subject, they may have a vast range of dynamical behaviors, e.g. stable to a fixed-point (i.e. everyone agrees), limit-cycle (i.e. … Continue reading

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Computing Chris blog

Look at this Computing Chris weblog. It is written by Chris Leonard, a publishing editor of Elsevier for theoretical computer science journals. Welcome Chris!

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