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Approximate Reward report writing

Today, I came to Control Lab. in order to write a technical report about approximate reward in RL. I write something, but my efficiency is not very good, e.g. you may get involved in a long conversation and you cannot … Continue reading

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Behavior learning in SSA: a mid-work report

I am working on SSA again. Behavior learning is possible but is not consistent in object lifting task, i.e. I cannot be sure whether it works in every trial or not. I changed that abstract problem to include “NoAction” actions … Continue reading

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PACness of MDP

I found some useful papers about PAC of MDP and its VC (and …) dimensions. Read them later: Rahul Jain and Pravin Varaiya, “PAC Learning for Markov Decision Process and Dynamics Games,” ?, 04. R. Jain and P. Varaiya, “Extension … Continue reading

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Post those-busy-days era: Chaos control and Co-evolution

At last, I finished that bulk of reporting stuff that I was engaged in during last week. I must have written a technical report about Chaos Control and a paper on Evolutionary Robotics. These heavy works –with becoming near deadlines … Continue reading

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non-singular situation

det(SoloGen)!=0 anymore!

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These busy days!

These days are very busy for me. Actually, I am writing a technical report about chaos control and write a paper about evolutionary robotics. Both of them must be ready by Sunday. Haha … ! In addition to these writing … Continue reading

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